Preparing for a Jobs Fair

Being prepared and dressed appropriately for either a virtual or a face-to-face jobs fair is important, and will help you make a good first impression on employers. We've pulled together some information and tips below, to help you get the most out of the event.

Be prepared to meet employers

Jobs fairs can be an opportunity to speak to a range of employers. Make sure you are prepared, and show interest and enthusiasm in their organisation during your conversations with them. 


Presentations & Workshops

Make the most of any presentations that are running at the event. Look through the jobs fair schedule and work out which sessions you are interested in and will find useful in reaching your job search and employment goals.

Apply for jobs 

After you have attended a jobs fair, don't forget to apply for any jobs that interested you on the day or you spoke to an employer about. Even though you have uploaded your résumé on the jobs fair platform or an employer took it at the event, you may still need to formally apply.

Follow up after the event

It’s a good idea to email/contact any employers who you connected with on the day to thank them for their time and to confirm your interest in upcoming or future job opportunities within their organisation.