Make the most of jobs fairs and jobs expos

two or three people walking around in a jobs fair

Attending a jobs fair (online or face-to-face) can be overwhelming. They can be busy and you may not know where to start. However, these events can be a valuable opportunity to speak to a range of organisations including employers, training providers and other relevant services about your career goals and job search plans. 

Coming prepared and dressed appropriately for either a face-to-face or virtual jobs fair, is important. You may be talking to your next employer, either in person or via video conference.

Try these 4 steps to help you get the most out of jobs fairs

Step 1: Do your research

Before the event, visit the event’s website to find out:

  • about the start and finish times
  • whether there are workshops or seminars you can attend and whether you need to book in advance
  • what organisations, including employers, are attending and which of these you want to connect with
  • what general information you are seeking/ what questions you could ask.

Step 2: Dress the part

This is particularly important for events with employers attending. First impressions count!

Personal presentation includes:

  • having clean clothing, careful grooming and good hygiene
  • watching your body language and posture to show you are interested
  • smiling and being open and friendly.

For more information read our article Why personal presentation is so important.

Step 3: Be prepared to meet employers

  • Bring a few copies of your résumé on the day (or have one ready to send online). Try to tailor it to the roles available.
  • Use our workbook How to write a tailored résumé to ensure your résumé is up to date, easy to read and is error-free.
  • Think of some questions to ask employers on the day. You could even consider doing some research on them beforehand so you feel more confident.

You can also get some general tips from our article How to make a great first impression on employers.

Step 4: Follow up after the event

It’s a good idea to email/contact any employers that you connected with on the day to say thanks for their time and to reiterate your interest in upcoming or future opportunities within their organisation.

For more tips, including talking to employers, head to our page - Preparing for a Jobs Fair.

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