Identify your goals


Setting out goals can help you achieve what you want to do. Understanding the steps you need to take to meet these goals can help you reach them.

How to set goals

Sometimes reaching your employment and personal goals can feel near impossible. But don't give up! Try breaking your goals down into smaller steps. This can help make the process feel much more achievable.

Split your goals into three groups: short-term, medium-term and long-term. Write out a goal under each group then think about what you need to do for each one. They might look like this:

My Goals

Short-term goal : Find a job to pay my bills.

  • Search for suitable part-time jobs.
  • Research employers.
  • Update and tailor my résumé.
  • Apply for jobs.

Medium-term goal: Find a permanent job and save up for a house.

  • Look for a full-time job that suits me.
  • Build my work experience in this field/industry.
  • Expand my skills through study and/or on-the-job.
  • Apply for jobs.

Long-term goal: Lead the de-extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger population.

  • Research suitable grants programs to get funding.
  • Collect DNA samples.
  • Develop necessary cloning technology.
  • Release Tigers back into the wild.

Visualising your goals in this way can help you process your ideas. It can also help you balance your priorities and needs, and better understand what you want out of work and study.

Your goals will change over time and that's great! As long as you have a plan to work towards and clear steps to get there, you'll stay motivated to achieve them. 

Need more information on goal setting? Visit the Reach Out website for more helpful tips.

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