Parents and friends

Illustrative representation of Parents and friends

You can help your child or friend by being a source of practical information, encouragement and constructive suggestions.

You can refer young people to Job Jumpstart to explore by themselves or you can use the website to guide you in your role as a coach, mentor or supportive peer.

The information on the Job Jumpstart website has been gathered from a wide variety of trustworthy and reliable sources, by the Australian Government Department of Employment. The articles provide insights, ideas and suggestions about a wide range of topics and the tools help people get into the details.

For tips on supporting a young job seeker, read our article How to support a young job seeker: Tips for parents. For advice on supporting a young worker, check out our article Supporting a young person in their first job.

Find out more about Job Jumpstart by reading our story or get some insights into how Job Jumpstart can help your child or friend by watching our videos about three young people finding their own way on their employment journey (while the stories feature actors, they are based on the real life experiences of young people).

Resources to help you:

…Or you can browse Job Jumpstart for other ideas and suggestions of what to do next.