Why you must use keywords in your job application


Employers and recruiters sometimes use 'keywords' to quickly filter job applications. In some cases, recruitment agencies use software programs to scan for and automatically reject applications without these 'keywords'.

When you are writing your cover letter, you need to match your work experience and skills to the employer’s keywords.

What are keywords?

Employers make statements in their job ads about the kind of worker they are looking for. Review the job ad to find the phrases and words the employer has used to describe the essential traits they are looking for. These are the employer’s keywords.

How to include keywords in your application:

  • Read the job ad closely and highlight all the words describing what the employer is looking for.
  • Think about how your skills and abilities align to these requirements.
  • Tailor your application so you only include the skills and experience that match what is being asked for in the job ad.
  • Reflect the employer's language in your application. Repeat the employer's keywords and phrases as they apply to you.

This workbook can help you: