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Young people can use Job Jumpstart by themselves or you can use the website to find resources and information to support their job search.

On the Job Jumpstart Toolbox page you will find fact sheets, tips sheets and workbooks. The resources cover six areas:

  1. Job search strategy
  2. Applying for jobs
  3. Knowing about jobs and employers (labour market demand)
  4. Knowing what young job seekers want and can offer (labour market supply)
  5. Networking and personal presentation
  6. Work experience

As they work through the Job Jumpstart resources, young people will develop and apply practical work-related employability skills in communication, planning and organising and self-management.

Résumé Quiz 

The Job Jumpstart Résumé Quiz is an engaging and easy-to-use learning tool that aims to educate job seekers on how to draft and tailor a résumé to a specific job. 

This tool asks users to help one of our virtual job seekers to tailor their résumé to a job they want. The tool includes prompts and hints to help users build a résumé that matches the job seeker's skills and experience to the needs of the employer.

We'd love your feedback on the quiz and how we can improve the tool - Contact Us.

Take the quiz! The quiz takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Job application tips

The Job Application Tips & Useful Links tip sheet can be used to guide job seekers through the process of developing a quality job application. Additional resources listed in this tool are hyperlinked making it easy for job seekers to find relevant content

Ordering hardcopy products

We also offer a range of products for distribution to students including our Job Jumpstart postcards and our Job search basics workbook. Digital copies of these resources are available below. To request copies of these products please email us at

Resources to help you: