Why personal presentation is so important

Illustrative representation of Why personal presentation is so important

Did you know it can take less than one second to form a first impression of someone?

An employer will have likely formed an impression of you before you’ve even had a chance to say hello.

The following tips can help you ensure you make a good impression to employers:

1. Dress the part

You should always think carefully about what you wear to an interview.

If you are new to the workplace the best way to reassure an employer that you are serious about the job is to put effort into your clothing.

Consider the following:

  • If it's a professional office setting, wearing business attire (clean and ironed) is a must. Keep makeup and jewellery to a minimum.
  • If the workplace is more casual and less conservative use your judgement on what to wear but make sure you look neat and tidy and try to dress up rather than down.
    • What you see workers wearing on the job might not reflect what the employer expects applicants to wear at interview so try for neat, clean and ironed at a minimum.

2. Do your hair

Employers have told us that applicants who have untidy or dirty hair do not leave a good impression.

Make sure your hair is clean and tidy. It’s such a simple thing but it makes a massive difference to how an employer perceives you.

3. Watch your body language

Body language can be a tricky thing to control, especially when you are nervous or flustered.

Employers are impressed by job seekers who:

  • offer a firm handshake
  • smile and are friendly
  • make eye contact
  • have good posture (it makes you appear more confident).

Practicing in a mirror can give you immediate feedback on how you appear to an employer.

These are really simple ways to impress an employer and give you a better chance of getting the job.

These tools can help you:

…Or you can browse Job Jumpstart for other ideas and suggestions of what to do next.