About Job Jumpstart

Welcome to Job Jumpstart!

We are an Australian Government website created to help young people aged 15 to 25. We provide information and resources to support you in your job search and help you build your employability skills.

We're not a jobs board and we can't find a job for you, but we can help you take charge of your own job search  and help you reach your employment goals. 

How can Job Jumpstart help?

Job Jumpstart offers a range of support for young job seekers and workers and their parents, teachers and advisers. We offer a range of printable workbooks and tip sheets. We also have recruitment insights from Australian employers, as well as information and links to Government resources.

We provide information and resources to help you:

  • learn about the different ways to contact employers about jobs
  • explore the jobs and industries that might suit you
  • understand how to develop your skills and build your experience
  • learn how to make your job application stand out to employers
  • adjust to the workforce and understand your workplace rights and responsibilities.

For tips and suggestions on getting the most out of this site, view our article How to use this site.

Our story

Young Australians told us they want a single spot where they can access practical, independent and free employment planning advice from a trusted source.

We worked closely with a broad range of young people, undertaking targeted research and testing to develop this website.

But the launch of Job Jumpstart was just the beginning. We are committed to working with you to create a website that meets your job search and employment planning needs.

Your job. Your future. Your website. Tell us how we can make it better.