How to make a great first impression on employers

Illustrative representation of How to make a great first impression on employers

The Department of Employment regularly surveys Australian employers. We asked them what young job seekers can do to make a good impression at interview.

Employers said that they are impressed by job seekers who: 

  • are punctual
  • dress appropriately
  • offer a firm handshake
  • smile and are friendly
  • make eye contact
  • have good posture (it makes you appear more confident)
  • are well presented.

As well as this, consider the following ways to show an employer you really want to work with them:

  1. Be your best self. Employers will use a range of information to form an impression of you. They will look at your social media profile, observe your conversations with other people and your personal presentation. They will be looking for an indication of your personality, abilities and your values, such as respect for others and yourself, reliability and trustworthiness.
  2. Show them you understand their business. Doing some homework on employers so you understand their business challenges and priorities will help you explain what you can offer them.
  3. Ask interesting questions. If you have a genuine interest in a specific brand, business or industry then demonstrate this to the employer by asking questions about the company’s business strategy, products and services or upcoming projects. Ask employers questions they want to answer. They’ll remember you for it.

For more information on what employers look for in young workers, see the fact sheet 'Looking for a Job - Employer Advice for Young People' on the Labour Market Information Portal. 

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