Get your group interview basics


A group interview is when you sit an interview with several other candidates.

You and the other candidates answer questions or solve problems. The interview might be facilitated by one or more interviewers. Alternatively, the questions may be provided on paper to discuss with the other candidates.

Group interviews are popular with large national retailers and businesses that receive large numbers of applications. 

Employers use group interviews to capture information about you that is relevant to the job.

For example, working in retail involves constant interaction with customers. Holding group interviews is an easy way for recruiters to find highly suitable candidates with the right people skills.

Group interviews can last for an hour or be broken into several sessions over a day or more – check these details when the employer calls you.

To succeed in a group interview you’ll need to participate fully in the discussion and/or activities, while being polite and respectful to others.

Doing well in a group interview means balancing being a good competitor while displaying teamwork and fairness to your peers.

These tools can help you: