Australian employers offer advice to young job seekers


The Australian Government surveyed more than 3000 Australian employers to find out what advice they would give to young people looking for a job.

Employers said they look for:

  • a positive attitude
  • motivation and enthusiasm
  • someone who is prepared to learn and take direction.

They also said that applicants need to:

  • be punctual and dependable
  • be respectful to colleagues and customers
  • show a commitment to staying in the job for an acceptable period of time.

Employers also mentioned that some young people have unrealistic expectations of work, including:

  • being unprepared for the demands of the workplace
  • the level of pay they would receive
  • wanting to start at the top instead of working their way up.

For more information on what employers look for in young workers, see the fact sheet 'Looking for a Job - Employer Advice for Young People' on the Labour Market Information Portal. 

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