Get your on-the-spot interview basics

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On-the-spot interviews can happen in lots of different situations, including:

  • at a networking event
  • at a social function
  • when you drop your résumé into a workplace
  • when you call an employer to ask for work experience.

People in your social or professional network might start asking you interview style questions because they are thinking about putting you in touch with someone they know, but they want to make sure you are a reasonable fit first.

Employers might do an on-the-spot interview if you walk in when a vacancy has just opened up, or if you’ve been recommended by someone else and they want to make sure you are suitable.

To succeed in an on-the-spot interview you’ll need to be comfortable talking about yourself and have good personal presentation.

You can plan ahead by preparing your answers to some common interview questions.

The more you practice talking about yourself and your skills in a professional way, the easier it gets.

These tools can help you:

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