Five tips for career development networking


What is networking?

Networking is about building and developing professional relationships that can help you achieve your employment goals.

Networking can take many forms. You can:

  • join professional associations
  • attend formal networking or business events
  • build relationships online or through your existing business or social channels.

Having a network of professional contacts can be useful for:

  • getting a better understanding of your dream career or industry
  • finding future employment opportunities and
  • landing a job.

Some networking tips:

  1. Figure out what information you want

It's important to know your networking goals, including what information you are looking for and how others might help you. Think about what questions will help you get the information you need before you start networking.

  1. Develop a ‘pitch’

Develop a 30 second ‘pitch’ describing who you are and what you do (or want to do). Try to make this pitch as interesting as possible and use it as a conversation starter and to introduce yourself to others.

  1. Personal presentation

Good personal presentation is so important in making the right impression. Before going to a formal networking event consider your clothes, how you speak and even how you present on social media.

For more information, check out these resources:

  1. Listen carefully

When talking to others about your career goals, always be respectful and open to any advice you receive. Try not to interrupt. Show your interest in what people are saying. Nod occasionally, smile, and maintain good posture and positive body language.

  1. Change up your networking events

Going to different types of networking events will help you connect with a range of people. Think about getting business cards made to give to anyone who asks for your contact details. Follow-up any referrals you have been given - if you say you will call, do it.

These tools can help you: