So, what do employers want?

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The Business Council of Australia (BCA) is an industry association of CEOs from over 100 of Australia's biggest corporations.

BCA have published advice for job seekers called ‘Being Work Ready: A Guide to What Employers Want’.

The guide breaks down the key values, behaviours and skills that employers look for when recruiting. These include:


  • Accountability – accepting responsibility for your own actions
  • Honesty – being trustworthy, fair and sincere
  • Respect – taking into account other people's feelings, wishes or rights
  • Work ethic – being diligent and committed to the business


  • Adaptable – being open to new ideas and proactively changing the way you work to suit new situations
  • Business-minded – understanding that every worker is responsible for the success of a business
  • Self-aware – understand your strengths and recognise the areas in which you can improve
  • Resilient – bounce back when things don’t go as planned


  • Problem solving – you are able to find solutions to a range of issues and challenges
  • Technical skills – these are specific to a role and may require formal qualifications.

This guide can help you get a better understanding of the personal traits and skills employers look for. You can demonstrate these traits to employers in your job application, during a job interview and on the job.

View the guide on the Business Council of Australia website.

The BCA website also contains a YouTube video and animated presentation (VideoScribe). They explain the key concepts in the guide and why work readiness is important to business.

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