Supporting a young person in their first job


After working hard to find their first job, some young people can struggle to adjust to the workforce. Some young workers can feel a sense of apprehension about their new responsibilities and what their workplace will be like.

Being a source of support and encouragement is an important role for parents at this time.

This article provides a range of links and tools to help parents support young people to prepare for and succeed in their first job.

Support for young workers – from Job Jumpstart

The Job Jumpstart website has a section dedicated to supporting young workers.

The ‘At Work’ section offers a range of resources under a number of topics including:

Support for young workers - other resources

Starting work - online learning course

  • Starting a new job is a free and interactive online learning course that combines videos and quizzes to help young people understand their workplace rights and obligations. Embedded in the course is a section specifically designed for parents and educators to better support and empower young workers to overcome issues or concerns in their job.
  • To access the course visit the Fair Work Ombudsman's Online Learning login page.You can enter as a guest if you don't want to register.

Pay and working conditions information

Safety at work

These sites provide a range of resources to assist you in developing young workers’ understanding of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to staying safe at work.

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