Is further education right for me?


When thinking about further education it’s important to know which courses and qualifications best suit your interests and aptitudes.

Think about the cost and whether the course will give you the skills you need to get the job you want.

Before committing to training, ask yourself:

  1. Can I get this job without doing further training?
  2. Can I build the required skills on-the-job without formal training?
  3. Will the skills I develop through this training meet the needs of employers in this industry?
  4. Will training alone give me the right skills to impress employers? Do I need to combine formal training with on-the-job work experience? If yes, you may wish to consider an apprenticeship or traineeship or work experience (paid or unpaid). It’s a good idea to contact employers you want to work for to find out what they look for in workers.

Before enrolling in any training course ask yourself why you want to study

Are you studying to:

  • Develop your research and learning skills?
  • Develop your written and oral communication skills?
  • Meet entry-level requirements for a job in a specific professional occupation (e.g. solicitor, engineer, lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher)?
  • Meet entry-level requirements for a job in a specific trade or technical occupation (e.g. electrician, carpenter, bookkeeper, hairdresser)?
  • Improve your job-specific skills to pursue a career in a chosen industry or occupation (e.g. construction, finance, advertising)?
  • Make yourself more employable because you have a qualification that employers value?

These resources can help you: