Casual and short-term work can build your employability skills


Think your casual job isn’t a ‘real' job? Think it doesn’t really count towards your career? Think again!

Having a casual job or other short-term work while you study can actually give you a massive edge when you apply for jobs in the future. Why? Because having previous work experience shows employers you have the employability skills to succeed in their workplace.

Employability skills are the essential skills, personal qualities and values you need at work. They include things like teamwork, problem solving skills and communication skills.

So how do you make the most of a part-time job?

1. Combine study and any kind of work. Consider getting a casual or part-time job while you are at school or studying, even if you don’t need to. Employers look for workers who can juggle competing priorities. Combining work and study is a good way to show you’ve got it covered.

2. Combine study and work in your chosen field. You don’t need to wait until your course is finished to find work in the industry or occupation you aspire to. You can earn and learn by doing an Australian Apprenticeship, by doing a student internship or cadetship while you study. You could also find an casual entry-level job in your chosen industry.

3. Make a short-term compromise. Can’t win the job you really want? Try getting paid work in a role related to the job you want. You could target an employer you’d really like to work for or any employer offering related jobs. Want to work as an accountant? Try getting a short-term position as an accounts payable clerk. Want to work full-time as an interior designer? Try working in a casual sales job in the home furnishings area of a department store. Once you are in the field you love, you can start networking to get noticed and find other opportunities.

These tools can help you: