Get your first job, start building your future career

Illustrative representation of Get your first job, start building your future career

Your first job provides you with basic skills like communicating in the workplace and with customers, working in a team environment, meeting deadlines and working under pressure. These are all skills that you will use and build on throughout your future career.

While it may seem like you are just working as a checkout operator or making coffees, you are actually learning valuable employability skills.

  • Greeting customers and assisting them with their queries - you are learning to communicate and use initiative.
  • Dealing with multiple customers and meeting their needs - you are learning how to work under pressure and deliver outcomes.
  • Providing change to a customer correctly - you are doing your tasks with accuracy and attention to detail.

Here are five other reasons to get your first job:

  1. You meet new people
  2. It helps you to move towards independence
  3. You get on-the-job work experience
  4. You gain contacts who you can ask to provide references and advice for future jobs or study
  5. You start building your career

These tools can help you:

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