Different ways employers fill job vacancies


Employers use different ways to recruit staff. This means you may need to try a range of job search strategies in order to find a job.

Not all jobs are advertised. The best place to look for jobs will depend on the type of role you are after.

Do some research to understand how employers in your chosen field usually recruit. This will help you know where to look for job vacancies.

Some common ways employers recruit include:

  • Internet advertising. This includes posting ads on jobs boards such as Seek, Workforce Australia and on the employer's own website. This is now the most commonly used recruitment method. About half of all employers advertise vacancies online.
  • Recruitment agencies. Find an agency that specialises in recruitment for the type of job or industry you are looking for. For example, some agencies only recruit for part-time positions or jobs in healthcare.
  • Social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But be aware: jobs advertised on social media can attract a lot of applicants.
  • Direct approaches from job seekers. You can approach employers you want to work for, even if they don't have any current job vacancies. Ask them to keep your résumé on file for the next time they are recruiting.
  • Word-of-mouth. Connect with people you know including friends, family, teachers and others in your community. Ask them about possible job opportunities or advice on where to look. Be aware of local networking events or work experience opportunities as these can also lead to a job.

These tools provide tips to help you: