Australian occupations

Illustrative representation of Australian occupations

‘Occupation’ is the name we give to the type of work a person does, for example, a doctor, mechanic, cabinet maker etc.

You’ll probably work in a number of different occupations over the course of your working life. But the good news is that many of the skills and abilities you'll develop working in one occupation will be directly transferable and applicable to many others.

The Job Outlook website has information about over 350 different occupations, including job descriptions and main tasks. By exploring the website you can get a sense of the kinds of work that might be right for you, and the skills and roles that will be in demand in the future.

Your ‘occupation’ is what you do - your ‘industry’ depends on who you do it for.

An ‘occupation’ is the type of work a person does, while ‘industry’ is the name we give to the goods or services that a company or employer mainly produces. Every industry employs people from a whole range of different occupations.

For example, the Education and Training industry employs a lot of teachers, but the industry also needs gardeners to keep school grounds tidy, bookkeepers to manage the accounts, and workers in a whole host of other occupations to keep things moving smoothly.

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