Australian industries

Illustrative representation of Australian industries

You’ve probably heard people talk about working in different ‘industries’. But what is an industry?

‘Industry’ refers to the goods or services that a company or employer mainly produces.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has created a list of 19 broad industries by grouping together sectors that produce similar types of products or provide similar services.

The Australian Government uses this list to collect and provide information on thing like:

  • whether different industries are growing or shrinking,
  • how many workers are employed in each industry and
  • demographics such as gender and age, etc.

You can find out more about the 19 broad industries (including information on expected future prospects for each industry) on the Department of Employment’s Labour Market Information Portal.

How do ‘industries’ differ from ‘occupations’?

‘Occupation’ is the type of work a person does; every industry employs people from a range of different occupations. For example, the Health Care and Social Assistance industry employs a range of occupations such as midwives, child carers, counsellors, and dietitians, as well as people in planning, administrative support, and a range of other roles.

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