Workplace mentoring


What is workplace mentoring?

Workplace mentoring usually refers to a formal partnership between an experienced, knowledgeable employee and an inexperienced or new employee.

Some workplaces link new employees with a more experienced ‘buddy’ but sometimes you may need to make this connection yourself.

Your mentor could be your direct supervisor or someone who you feel comfortable talking to about your role and career aspirations.

A mentor is there to guide and help the new employee settle into and succeed in the workplace.

A good mentor can provide advice but also encourages you to work through challenges you face at work.

Mentoring is not a one-sided relationship. You may have skills that can help your mentor as well, for example, improve their understanding of technology. This arrangement is sometimes referred to as 'reverse mentoring'.

What if you can't find a workplace mentor?

If you can't find a mentor at work, you could ask someone outside the business. An external mentor can still provide valuable advice and support to help you build your career.

If you don’t want a formal mentoring arrangement, there are other ways of developing your skills. For example through training, attending networking events and job shadowing.

To find out more about mentoring, check out our tip sheet 'Workplace mentoring'.

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