Three ways to impress recruiters with your work experience

Illustrative representation of Three ways to impress recruiters with your work experience
  1. Choose the best examples from your work experience history.
  • On your very first résumé for a part-time job as a school student, it is okay to list all your volunteering, community and/or sporting activities in your job application. This shows employers you can balance lots of activities and manage your time. 
  • Beyond school you should only include details about volunteering and other extra-curricular activities if they are relevant to the employer and/or the job.
  1. If you are trying to break into a competitive field find ways to build up relevant work experience.

You can do this by:

  • choosing courses that include quality work experience placements
  • finding voluntary work that builds your skills and abilities
  • taking a lower-level job in your chosen field and working your way up.
  1. Show employers you have a good work ethic and are open to new opportunities.

Show employers how your work experience makes you great for their job. This is especially important if you have changed jobs a lot or worked in many different roles.

Maybe your mixed work experience shows that you are a good learner who can adapt to new environments quickly? Maybe it shows you have a strong work ethic and that you are good at taking the opportunities available to you?

These tools can help you:

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