Five steps to making your dream career a reality

Illustrative representation of Five steps to making your dream career a reality

Are you interested in a specific career? Want to find out whether it’s the right job for you? Follow these five steps to increase your chances of making your dream job a reality.

Step 1 – Do your research.

Go to This website provides information on more than 350 occupations, and for each occupation gives you:

  • a summary of the main tasks done in this job
  • the future job prospects for this job
  • an indication of how much workers are paid
  • information on the average educational level of workers
  • the type of personality traits that are most relevant to this job.

To find your occupation of interest, you can use the alphabetical search or you can type the job title into the search function. Note: check your spelling – the search function will only return searches for full job titles.

Step 2 – Watch day-in-the-life videos for an idea of what it’s really like to work in a particular job.

  • Type ‘day in the life video’ followed by your job of choice into your internet search engine. You can also visit the Australian Apprenticeships pathways website for a list of occupational videos.

Step 3 – Match your skills and aptitudes to those required by the job.

Step 4 – Link with employers.

  • To test whether the occupation is right for you, to gain real-world experience and to find out what skills and qualifications employers are looking for, consider doing work experience or volunteering. This will also make you more competitive when you start applying for jobs.
  • Check out our articles on organising work experience or a volunteering placement.

Step 5 – Connect with training.

These tools can help you:

…Or you can browse Job Jumpstart for other ideas and suggestions of what to do next.