No work experience? No Problem

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Are you looking for your first job or don't have much actual work experience to put in your résumé?

Remember, you have heaps of skills and abilities that you have developed outside a workplace.

Think about the many skills you possess:

  • Maybe you’re a good communicator.
  • Do you have good time-management skills?
  • Are you a team player, or do your work well independently?
  • Are you a creative, a problem solver or a computer whizz?

Think about times you used these skills to achieve something great:

  • Maybe you aced a challenging project?
  • Did you use your skills to help someone out?

Use these examples as the basis for your application.

And don’t forget:

  • Do some research on the employer so you know about their business and what they look for in workers. Then explain how your skills and strengths make you a good fit for the job!
  • Connect with those people in your life who can vouch for your skills and qualities: teachers, mentors, family friends, or other community members. Ask them if they are happy to be listed as a referee or help you build your résumé.

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