Hot tips to stand out from the crowd

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Here’s some intel straight from employers that can help you and your application stand out from the crowd:

1. Wear something appropriate

Wearing something that suits the employer’s workplace to an interview or when you meet with them, shows the employer that you understand them and their business.

When going to an interview, think about the following:

  • Professional office setting - wearing business attire (clean and ironed) is a must.
  • Casual and less conservative setting - try to dress up rather than down and go for neat, clean and ironed at a minimum.

Tip: what you see workers wearing on the job or in the workplace might not reflect what the employer expects applicants to wear at an interview.

2. Approach the employer

Meeting the employer in person goes a long way in making a great first impression.

Remember to smile, dress well and be prepared with your tailored resume!

Employers will use a range of information to form an impression of you. They will look at your social media profile, your personal presentation, as well as looking for insight into your personality, abilities and your values, such as respect for others and yourself, reliability and trustworthiness.

3. Know why you are applying

Have something up your sleeve when you’re asked why you applied for the job. Research the employer before you apply. This will help you explain what you like about the business and why you’ll be a really good fit.

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