4 steps to writing a killer cover letter

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We speak to a lot of people about their experiences job hunting, and writing a cover letter was something that most people find hard. So let’s break it down for you:

Step 1: Introduce yourself, and explain what you like about the organisation or job.

Write a little bit about yourself and briefly outline how your skills, experience and personal traits make you a good match for the job. Don’t forget to mention why you are interested in the job and their organisation!

Step 2: Include relevant experience and qualifications

Briefly explain what relevant experience and qualifications you have - only include details that apply to the specific job and business.

Step 3: Why you?
Your last paragraph should show the employer why you should get the job. Sum up why you are the right person for the role and how you will add value to their business.

Step 4: Make sure it looks good

Always check your cover letter is easy to read, neatly laid out and looks professional. Don’t forget to spell check!

An error-free cover letter shows that you have strong written communication skills.

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