Video résumés


What is a video résumé?

A video résumé (sometimes called a video portfolio) is a way to directly share your skills, work experience and education history with employers.

An employer might request a video résumé instead of the traditional paper based résumé. You could also include a link to your video résumé on your professional online networking site (e.g. LinkedIn).

Should I create a video résumé?

You need to decide if a video résumé is the right approach for you and whether it will help your job search efforts.

If an employer is open to receiving video résumés from job applicants and your video is professional and made well, it could give you an edge over other candidates.

However just like a written résumé, if your video is done poorly it could work against you in getting the job. In addition, not all employers expect or accept video résumés so make sure you understand the industry before sending one.

If you are sending a video résumé to support your application for a specific job, it needs to be tailored to the specific business and role.

For some tips and hints on creating a video résumé, check out our tip sheet ‘Making a video résumé'.

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