Job search basics workbook

Job search basics workbook

The Job search basics workbook is an interactive digital resource providing a range of activities and information to help you with your job search.

The workbook aims to:

  • help you to understand your work preferences and skills and what you have to offer employers
  • provide practical information to help you research employers you want to work for and
  • help you to tailor job applications and prepare for interviews.

How to use the workbook

The workbook has four chapters, each offering interactive exercises and activities to help you build your job search skills:

Chapter 1: Know what you want and can offer

  • Self-reflection exercises to help you better understand your work preferences and goals. It also helps you explore and match yourself to specific roles that could suit you.

Chapter 2: Understanding employers 

  • Provides the employers perspective so that you can understand what they look for in workers and how to research employers you want to work for.

Chapter 3: Your job application

  • Step by step support to build a persuasive résumé and cover letter that communicate your skills and experience to employers.

Chapter 4: Interviews

  • Helps you prepare for interviews and build your confidence in talking to employers about how you are right for their jobs.

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