Getting career ideas


Not sure what jobs might suit you? A career quiz could help you decide what path to take!

A career quiz usually asks you questions about your interests, values and preferences. Some quizzes then give you a list of jobs that might suit you.

There are many tests to choose from, including:

  • Online career quizzes - use your answers to match you to jobs that might suit you.
    • These quizzes are short and aim to open your mind to new career possibilities.
    • Some career quizzes give you a summary of your answers at the end. You can use the results to describe yourself (your strengths, interests and values) to employers in your applications and at interviews.
  • Psychometric tests - measure how well you will suit a particular role. They test whether your personality and strengths match the traits needed in the job. Employers sometimes ask job seekers to complete a psychometric test as part of their recruitment process.
  • Aptitude quizzes - can help you figure out if you have the literacy and numeracy skills required for a role.

Need more help?

If you are:

  • at school - talk to your career advisor
  • in further education - connect with your career hub/centre
  • a job seeker registered with jobactive speak to your employment consultant.

These tools can help you: