Want a casual job over Christmas? Start looking now!

Illustrative representation of Want a casual job over Christmas? Start looking now!

Did you know that many employers start recruiting their Christmas casuals as early as July? And that many large recruiters try to complete their Christmas recruitment by November?

But don't despair! There is still time to find a holiday gig.

Here are four tips for making the most of Christmas casual opportunities:

  1. Start now

Start preparing your résumé and cover letter now. Contact employers to ask how they usually recruit and who the right contact is. This will ensure you get your tailored résumé to the right person.

  1. Be honest about your availability

When employers hire extra staff over the holidays, they will probably ask about your work availability. If you are free for shifts over the whole summer that’s great! If you know your family always heads to Grandma’s for a few days in December, be upfront about this.

Don’t rule yourself out of a position because you think they are looking for staff that are available 24/7. Be honest about when you are available to work. Show the employer that you are right for the job and they might be willing to offer you shifts when you are available.

  1. Make an effort on your personal presentation

Just because it’s a short term role, it doesn't mean employers aren’t looking to hire the best person for the job.

Show them you will fit into their business. Research the employer so you can explain what you can offer. Tailor your résumé to every job you apply for and make a good first impression by presenting well. Dress appropriately for the role. Wear neat, clean clothes, offer a firm handshake and remember to smile and be friendly.

  1. Use this as a stepping stone

Sometimes short-term roles can become permanent jobs. Take every opportunity to show the employer you are a great asset to their business. They might consider you for a longer-term role.

If there are no opportunities at this business, use this experience to build your competitiveness for future roles. Don’t forget to add this experience to your résumé and ask the employer for a reference.

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