Three ways to stay positive during your jobsearch

Illustrative representation of Three ways to stay positive during your jobsearch

To make a good first impression on employers, you need to present yourself in a positive and engaging way. This can be hard when you’re feeling stressed about getting the job. It’s normal to feel disappointed when your job application is unsuccessful.

Consider the following:

1. Include some practical activities in your job search strategy

Submitting applications online and getting email rejections can leave you feeling disconnected from the real world of work. To help you feel more engaged, consider doing work experience or volunteering with a community group.

2. Have realistic goals

If you haven’t been able to land your perfect job, it might be time to consider other ways to get there. For instance, try finding an entry-level job with an organisation you want to work for and then working your way up.

3. Look on the bright side

Use any feedback you get from employers as well as your own self-assessment of your job search to keep improving your approach. You can also reflect on the questions you were asked in the interview and practice your response to these questions in preparation for your next interview.

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