Identify your short, medium and long term career goals

Illustrative representation of Identify your short, medium and long term career goals

Your job search plan will change depending on your short, medium and long term career goals.

For example, your career goals might look like this:

  • Short term goal: Find a part-time job that pays my bills, builds my work experience and employability skills and allows me to balance work with school or other study.
  • Medium term goal: Find a full-time entry-level job in my industry of choice, while continuing to build industry-specific experience and skills.
  • Long term goal: Find work in a higher-skilled occupation in my industry of choice.

Your job search approach will depend on your career plan. For example, you might find your first job through an ad in a shop window but to find your longer term career you might need to network, or undertake work experience as well as going through more formal recruitment processes.

While focusing your job search on your short-term goals, try to keep your long term career goals in mind. This will help you balance your immediate needs with developing the skills and experience required to gain your dream career.

These tools can help you:

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