Get ideas on jobs that use your skills


Do you have previous work experience but aren’t sure what skills you have built in these jobs?

The Skills Match tool on the Job Outlook website can help.

The tool is useful for anyone looking to change jobs or career, workers looking for a promotion and those looking to identify what skills they need for jobs they want.

Skills Match looks at the skills needed for the jobs you have worked in to suggest possible career moves.

How can Skills Match help me?

Skills Match can help you:

  • Identify the skills you have built from past jobs so you can better communicate these to employers. By understanding your own skills (including employability skills) you can explain to employers why you are right for their business.
  • Build your résumé by helping you understand your skills and what you can offer employers.
  • Get ideas for jobs you can transfer into, based on your skills. It also provides information on training pathways to help you explore your options.
  • Compare your skills to what is required for roles that interest you. This can help you identify the skills you need for the jobs you want, so you can set goals to achieve them.

Using Skills Match

  • To use the tool visit Skills Match.
  • Enter the occupation name (e.g. sales assistant, baker, athlete etc) for each job you have done. Click ‘Add’ for additional roles and select ‘Next’ when you have finished.
  • The tool will provide a list of skills and knowledge you will have likely built in this job/s.
  • You can then click through to display a list of jobs that use similar skills.
  • You can further explore these job/s, including daily tasks, salaries and any training or re-skilling you might need to be competitive for these jobs.

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