Five steps to interview success

Illustrative representation of Five steps to interview success

Preparing for your interview in advance will help you feel more confident on the day.

  1. Be ready for the employer’s call
  • Check your phone messages and emails regularly and respond as soon as possible.
  • When accepting an interview request, make a note of the date, time, location, name and phone number of the contact person and type of interview (e.g. face-to face, group interview, phone interview, panel interview or work trial).
  1. Spend time preparing for interviews
  • Plan ahead, to ensure you dress appropriately for the job role and know how to get to the interview.
  • Review your résumé so you know what you've said about your abilities and past experience.
  • Research the employer to brush up on their business and priorities.
  • Practice your responses to possible interview questions.
  1. Present yourself in a positive light on the day
  • Be on time (aim to get there a few minutes early) and have the employer's contact details handy in case you are delayed.
  • Project confidence through good posture and a firm handshake, being polite, making eye contact, smiling and speaking clearly.
  • Bring a pen and paper to make notes.
  • Take any opportunity to ask questions - look online for some good suggestions or use your research on the employer to come up with some.
  • If you are doing a phone interview, make sure you are in a quiet place with no distractions.
  1. Stay calm
  • Remember that everyone finds interviews a bit awkward so feeling nervous is normal.
  • If you start feeling stressed, a couple of slow, deep breaths may help you calm down.
  • Practising your answers to interview questions with someone (or in front of the mirror) before the big day is a great way to build your confidence and feel more calm on the day.
  1. Follow-up
  • At the end of the interview, ask about the next steps in the selection process. Also check who you should follow up with about the outcome and how long it might take to make a decision.
  • When following up (a day or two after the interview) ask for feedback about your interview performance.

Don't worry if you aren’t successful this time around, think of it as valuable experience for next time.

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