Employer Insights - Shelf fillers


Even during the coronavirus pandemic, there are job opportunities available.

Shelf filling jobs (also called ‘shelf-packers’ or ‘night-packers’) work mostly in shops and supermarkets where they ensure products are stocked on the shelves.

What do shelf fillers do?

Common tasks include:

  • placing goods neatly on shelves and on racks, and stacking bulky goods on the floor
  • ensuring goods with the earliest use by dates are at the front of shelves
  • monitoring what has been sold and collecting goods needed from the stockroom using a trolley
  • maintaining shelf order by removing stock belonging to a different location, and
  • sometimes working as cashiers and helping customers locate what they are looking for.

Finding shelf filler jobs

Job seekers can find shelf filler jobs by:

  • visiting the employer's website – many large supermarkets recruit directly through their websites.
  • searching online jobs boards - try typing something like “shelf filling jobs” or “jobs in supermarkets” or “grocery jobs” in the search bar.
  • approaching employers directly to ask about jobs – this is a great way to find jobs as it shows off your communication skills and personal presentation.
  • word of mouth - ask friends or family who work in the industry if they know of any job opportunities.

What do employers look for when recruiting for shelf fillers?

Employers look for workers who:

  • are hardworking and willing to learn
  • have good availability and are reliable
  • are friendly and confident
  • can work quickly and efficiently, and
  • are well presented and neatly dressed.

Why is shelf filling a good job?

Shelf filling roles are great for people with no or limited workplace experience as training is provided on the job.

Some shelf refilling is done during the day but a lot of restocking is done by evening and night shelf fillers while the store is closed. This makes shelf filling a good job for those with study or other responsibilities during the day.

People who work as shelf fillers sometimes move into other retail roles in stores and supermarkets, including as:

  • cashiers
  • deli servers, and
  • service supervisors.

Tips from employers

Below is some advice from employers for people looking for a job as a shelf filler:

“Come in and ask for a supervisor. Look them in the eye and engage with them.”

“Be eager for the job. Ask us questions about the company — it shows that you’re interested.”

“Be personable and able to meet and greet customers.”

For more tips and hints, check out our cheat sheet on Shelf fillers.

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