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Working in the fast food industry is a popular first job. These jobs give you a chance to build your workplace experience while earning some cash.

We asked employers in the fast food industry how they recruit and what they look for in workers:

“How do I get a job in fast food?”

  • Visit the employer’s website.
    • You can usually apply for jobs with large fast food businesses directly through their website.
    • You will be asked to submit personal details (and a parental consent form if you are under 16) and specify the stores you would like to work at.
      • Note: This process often includes a preloaded quiz. This quiz helps employers decide if you are a good fit for their business.
  • Through word of mouth.
    • Ask your friends and family members about any jobs they might know of or ask for recommendations of good places to work.
  • Directly approaching the employer.

“What do employers look for in workers?”

Fast food industry employers tell us they look for workers who:

  • can work well in a team
  • have a positive attitude and
  • are bubbly and outgoing.

Employers will often hire people based on their friendly personality, communication skills and other employability skills.

“Got any tips for interviews?”

Group interviews are really common for fast food jobs. Be prepared for activities and puzzles which focus on customer service and team work.

More hot tips 

  • Don’t wait! The earlier you start applying the more likely you are to get an opportunity.
  • Prepare before-hand.
  • Be available. Fast food employers look for people who are flexible with their availability. They won’t expect you to work all the time but employers look for workers who can pick up an extra shift occasionally if a co-worker calls in sick or if it is busy.

For more information, check out our cheat sheet on the fast food industry.

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