COVID-19 Series: Job search help for hospitality and retail workers


If you are a retail or hospitality worker currently looking for work, you might need to consider other occupations or industries to find available jobs.

The good news is that many of your existing skills are directly applicable to jobs that are available right now.

How do you translate your skills to the available jobs?

There is a range of job opportunities currently available. The key to finding a new role is to understand how your skills and experience can transfer from your current role to other jobs.

Here are four steps to understanding your transferable skills to link with current job opportunities.

Step 1: Do a skills stocktake

The first step is to understand your technical and employability skills. You can do this by completing the relevant workbook below:

Retail workers - understand your employability and technical skills – (checklist)

Hospitality workers - understand your employability and technical skills – (checklist)

These checklists aim to help you identify the broad range of skills you have built over your working life. You can use this information to articulate your value to other employers in a language they will understand.

Step 2: Find out what jobs you could do

The next step is to understand how your existing skills match available jobs.

Hospitality and retail workers often have the skills needed for these in-demand jobs:

  • Checkout operators and shelf fillers
  • Carers, support workers and orderlies
  • Call or contact centre operators
  • Couriers and truck drivers
  • Commercial cleaners
  • Storepersons and stock clerks
  • Food trade and factory workers
  • Security officers and guards

Step 3: Understand how employers recruit

Employers use a range of recruitment methods to find the workers they need.

Some common methods include:

  • Company websites - Often used to recruit checkout operators and shelf fillers
  • Social media - Often used to recruit pharmacy sales assistants
  • Online job boards - Often used to recruit couriers, truck drivers and storepersons
  • Recruitment/employment agencies - Often used to recruit couriers and truck drivers
  • Word of mouth - Often used to recruit couriers, truck drivers and checkout operators
  • Contacted by job seeker - Often used to recruit storepersons and checkout operators

To access current vacancies, including roles in the care sector, commercial cleaning and call or contact centre positions, visit the Jobs Hub.

You can also approach specific employers you would like to work for to ask how they recruit.

Step 4: Connect with available jobs

Once you have an idea of what you have to offer a new employer, you need to understand where the vacancies are.

For a list of employers hiring now, visit the Jobs Hub.

For more information on finding and applying for available jobs, visit our article Covid-19 series: Where are the job opportunities?

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