Be a savvy job shopper

Illustrative representation of Be a savvy job shopper

What kind of shopper are you? Do you do your research and look at all the different options before making a decision? Or do you dive straight into purchases, knowing exactly what you want? Searching for job vacancies and new careers can be full of the same successes and frustrations as other types of shopping.

The amount of time and effort you spend searching should reflect your personal situation.

Do you need to pay the bills and start earning an income right now? To get a job quickly, you may need to focus on the job opportunities most available to you. For example, choose jobs boards that cater to the industry or job roles you are interested in. 

If you’ve applied for lots of vacancies but you haven’t made it to interview yet, you might need to spend time looking into a broader range of industries and occupations. Maybe you aren’t looking in the right places for vacancies. Try approaching local employers, friends, teachers, and community organisations to ask about possible job opportunities or advice on where to look.

These tools can help you:

…Or you can browse Job Jumpstart for other ideas and suggestions of what to do next.